There's been a lull in my training.  Traveling internationally throws off all the normal routines and then adding in a little food poisoning really wreaks some havoc on training.  So despite getting in some training runs this past week, I was more than a little terrified by the 9 mile run scheduled for this morning--especially when I was certain that they would be sending us up Terwilliger.

So it was a great relief when I found out that I'd be running on my home turf--THE EASTSIDE!  A nice loop up Hawthorne and down Belmont.  As I began the run, my nerves settled down and I began to get into a rhythm (tough to believe that I may actually have a running rhythm!).  There was the bread stacked in the window of Grand Central Bakery, the temptation of stealing an orange from the produce market on 23rd & Hawthorne, the girl running to catch the bus in a bright pink jumpsuit that made her look like the Easter Bunny, the sign in a store window that said "Make Art Not War," the line-up of hungry Portlanders at Pine State Biscuits, the flowers being sold outside Zupan's, the heavy smoke hanging in the air from the crew hanging outside the methadone clinic and the return to Grand Avenue with its usual traffic.  After some encouraging words from Coach Jen & Coach Karl at the final aid station, the goosebumps happened.

The tall, healthy barefoot 20-something guy that was grabbing a drink of water after what I assume was a morning run of his own shouted at me (noticing my TNT jersey), "Did you run the Race for the Cure for the Lymphoma Society?"

"No, I'm training for a different event."

"I'm a survivor, thanks."

All I could must was a meager "you're welcome" and continue on my way.  And the goosebumps 
came and went for the rest of the run.

Thank you for all of your continuing encouragement and support--it's not for me but for those survivors among us.


way to go Norbs! How powerful.


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