This was supposed to an easy run.  We’re in the lovely taper phase of our training.  We run shorter distances.  We give our bodies a chance to rest up and strengthen before the big day.  We relax a little.  Yet here I was, struggling as if it were January and I was just starting again.  I wanted to stop at every block.  My legs were literally lead weights.  My breath and heart rate were way too fast.  But I didn’t stop. I kept going.  And that’s how I know I’ve learned to run.  It was almost as if stopping wasn’t an option no matter how much my body wanted to stop and turn around.  And while I know there will be more tough runs, I also know that there will be more good runs too.  I also know that come race day, these bad runs will be a distant memory when I cross that finish line.  T-minus two weeks.


11/01/2010 01:33

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